Application for SMCC Membership
Application for SMCC Membership
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Marital Status  * 
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If employed, who do you work for and what do you do?
Anniversary (if applicable)
Is spouse joining also?
Spouse's Name (if applicable)
Spouse's Birthdate (if applicable)
CHILDREN ATTENDING SMCC: Please list names and birthdates of all children 18 and under who attend SMCC with you.
Briefly describe your level of participation in church the last few years. * 
Suppose something unfortunate happened to you tonight and you died unexpectedly. How certain are you that you would go to heaven?  * 
Suppose you died and were standing before God. How would you answer Him if He were to ask you, "Why should I let you into heaven?". * 
Briefly describe your life BEFORE Christ saved you. * 
Describe HOW and WHEN Jesus saved you and became your personal Savior? * 
Briefly describe what your life is like NOW as a result. * 
List SMCC members that you are already associated with or know well.
List any group or ministry you're already involved in at SMCC.
Transfer church membership from:
Please include name and address of any church you are currently a member of.
Do you know your spiritual gifts?  * 
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