Release Form
Release Form
1. Please remember that these children have suffered from physical and sexual abuse. They may be inappropriately affectionate with you, and you will need to limit physical touch. Please be aware of excessive hugging, holding, and touching, and discourage it.
2. Due to health reasons, please DO NOT bring candy to share with the Casa Angelina children.
3. Please DO NOT enter any of the orphanage houses unless under the direction of a team project. Under these work circumstances, always knock before entering. Please remember these are the homes of the children and house parents.
4. Always work under the direction of your team project leader. There is not permission to work independently from your assigned team.
5. Please do not individually offer gratuities to the staff of Casa Angelina. A volunteer donation will be taken up the final day for the CA staff and distributed by the directors. Thank you for your generosity!
6. NEVER distribute items or gifts to the nearby village children while riding in a bus or other vehicle. Please walk through the village and distribute these items. In the past, distributing items from the bus has put the children in risk of being hurt or run over.
7. Please dress appropriately for the work day (see team packet). Please be respectful of the culture when considering your attire.
8. Please wear sunscreen each day and bring water and protective gear (e.g., hats, light jackets) to the work site with you.
9. ALWAYS travel in pairs when walking through Antigua, especially at night.
10. Please be advised that we cannot let people from the village enter at anytime unless specifically authorized.
We kindly ask all team members meet the following health standards in order to serve at Casa Angelina:
• Be able to move and walk independent of others. Casa Angelina is situated on a mountainside at 7000 feet. The terrain and altitude can be difficult for travelers.
• Have no major surgeries in close proximity to your planned trip (three months before or after).
• Notify the Casa Angelina directors of all allergies on orientation day (especially food or bee sting allergies).
• If you are on medication, please bring enough to last the entire trip. Our medical staff can give you a 1-2 day supply in case of an emergency, but they cannot legally give you a full prescription.
• If you are on medication or antibiotics for any contagious illness, or if you have been recently sick, you may not come to the orphanage (i.e., a cold, flu, chicken pox, mono). Due to malnutrition, the kids’ immune systems are not the same as Americans’ and are much more susceptible to illnesses.
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I have read and fully understand the Casa Angelina Team Trip Rules as stated above. I agree to fully obey these rules and any further direction from the staff members of Casa Angeline and/or What Matters Ministries and Missions.  * 
I acknowledge that I have read the Health Standards and meet the necessary requirements. I release Casa Angelina, What Matters Ministries and Missions, Ivan Tait, and staff from being liable for any accident, injury, sickness, or theft of personal property during my stay in Guatemala.  * 
Team Member or Parent/Guardian (if under 18 years): By typing your signature in the box, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this release form.  * 
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