Refreshing Kids Rules Document
Refreshing Kids Rules Document
Refreshing Lives is committed to providing a safe, loving environment for all kids attending Children’s Church. We will teach and empower our children with the Word of God to impact New Bern and its surrounding areas. As participants of Refreshing Kids Children’s Church all children must follow the rules below.
1. Keep our hands to ourselves.
2. Be respectful to others.
3. Be honest.
4. Use kinds words (please, thank you, etc.).
5. There are no cell phones allowed to be used during Children’s Church.
6. Ensure all medication is administered before or after Children’s Church as our staff is not permitted to do so.
7. Have fun.
In the event one of the rules are compromised the Refreshing Kids staff will do the follow.
1. Separate Child from the group for a period of reflection.
. 2. Ask the child to apologize prior to joining the group.
3. Provide scripture or biblical principle of why we should follow the rules.
4. Notify the parents.
5. If there are repeated offenses the child may be sent back to the parent in the sanctuary or the parent may be notified using our notification system
We look forward to serving our children as we strive to reach the unreached through our love, service, and evangelism making disciples who will worship God, and live for Christ within their communities.
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